For 131 years, the Gladney Center for Adoption has been helping expectant mothers, their children and adoptive families create bright futures through adoption. Since 1887, Gladney has placed over 32,000 children in loving, caring homes. Every child deserves a loving and caring family, and every means every. Every child includes a healthy baby, a medically fragile infant, or a toddler being placed by their birth mother. Every child includes a child who has experienced loss, abuse, or neglect and is waiting in state foster care or an international orphanage. Every child needs a place to call home and people to call family. Forever.

The idea for The Gladney Cup golf tournament began in 1999 with a Gladney Dad, who wanted to give back to the organization who helped build his family through adoption. The 2019 Gladney Cup will help Gladney help change lives every day. The Gladney center is working to spreading the message that adoption is a brave and worthy option in communities through the AdoptED and AdoptED RX programs. Gladney cares for, guides, and empowers expectant mothers through their difficult, loving, and brave decision to place their babies with families who will love them as much as they do. Gladney is matching parents with children from state foster care and international orphanages through the Waiting Child programs, and is equipping and supporting adoptive families before and after placement through Gladney University and the agency’s unparalleled Post Adoption Services department.